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Starburst is a technology company that enables real-time interactivity between mobile, social media applications and digital display interactive networks.  Starburst platforms offer software and services for creating, managing, delivering compelling content and experiences across digital media channels.


Mobile Friendly Retail Programs

Check our portfolio section for more details.

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Digital Media Kiosks combine digital display networks with mobile interactivity and social media

Check our portfolio section for more details.


Starburst Communications work on projects of all types and sizes. If you are a small business with a small project, or a big business with a very large project- we have what it takes to bring your projects and web needs to life!

The following list is a general overview of services we can provide:

– Interactive In-store Display’s
We develop for our clients a variety of high-quality digital content that engages, educates and empowers their customers to social share their promotion with friends.

– Digital Retail Coupons
We use innovative mobile geo-coupon solutions to reach consumers using text and smartphone technology.

– Custom Loyalty Solutions 

Design for Labatt Breweries of Canada

Design for Labatt Breweries of Canada (Western Division)



“Senior VP of Sales and Marketing told me he thought this project was the best tool he is ever seen from Labatts! Very exciting thank you again for your great work” ~ Marilyn Foster, National Category Manager Labatt Breweries of Canada

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